Concrete Runner's Season 3 Kick Off/ BBQ

As many of you may know, I am part of an awesome running group located here in the San Francisco Bay Area called Concrete Runners. I completely forgot how I stumbled upon the group, but I'm pretty sure it was through this one small app you may not have heard of called.......  INSTAGRAM! ( haha ) I did a meet up with them, not knowing a single soul. It was their Flash Run in January 2014. Mind you, I have NEVER ran with a group before. It was just me running with my dad for about a year so this was all new! I followed a few of them on Instagram, so I knew what faces to look for and BAM! The rest has all been an amazing piece of history! I have ran with them in Chicago, LA, Toronto and mostly here in San Francisco. I must say, they are a big part of inspiration in my life, and a great source of motivation too. I know some might be intimidated by a big group, but everyone is literally SO welcoming. Everyone has their own pace and nobody gets left behind. Sooo, if you are locally here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I suggest you give us a shot.  Everyone is so generous with their positive energy.... You might just love it!

We had annual Kick Off BBQ this past Saturday. Honestly, from last year, the group has GROWN. I was happy to finally meet some of you guys face to face! It was great because we had about 200 people RSVP for the event. Our crew provided food and drinks for all the guests so we had LOTS of food to stuff everyone's faces with! We met at 8:00 a.m. for a warm-up stretch led by one of our rockstars, Abel. Then we were off! We did a nice six mile route starting from Chrissy Field to Hoppers Hands, to the Golden Gate Bridge across to Marin County then back across the bridge back to Chrissy Field! We then enjoyed BBQ, lots of it, and mimosas! It was an awesome Saturday and overall awesome event. So, THANK YOU, to the lovely Concrete Runners OG's, Arlynn (our founder) and Jess & Tiff (our captains) especially, who organized the event, to Angelica and Janelle for getting the potlock and setup together, Skooter for BBQing, and to our wonderful photographers, Vinny, Rene, Naytron, and Neil! And a big thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy a Saturday morning run with us. If I forgot anyone, I deeply apologize! There's so many of us, I can't keep up anymore! But hey, I can't complain about the growth! It's awesome there's about 200 others in this area who share the same interest! We appreciate all the support, as running is something we all love doing. We have built a strong bond with the sport and hope to spread our love for it with everyone.

Also, please follow @ConcreteRunners on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Periscope for more runs and upcoming events. I am SURE you won't regret it!