Oakland Running Festival Recap!


This past Sunday, March 20, 2016, was The Oakland Running Festival, held in Oakland, Ca and the running festival provided all distances: Kid's Run, 5k, half marathon, relay, and marathon.

I was selected as a branch for the Oakland Running Festival last year, where I was responsible for promoting the race and giving out my discount code, so hopefully some of you were able to use it and get a good price!

My dad tagged along with me. He did a lot of my training runs with me (he walked and ran), but he opted out and told me only half marathons for him for now. So, next time for him as well! He did,however, follow me along the course, took pictures, cheered me on, etc etc. My dad is seriously the best cheerleader!

I tried something different with my week up to the marathon prep. I usually watch what I eat, but I didn't really care so much this time around. I drank beer and pizza the night before. I read somewhere that beer was a good carb load so hey, why not. I woke up feeling awesome, ate a banana, drank two bottles of water and was good to go!

My race started at 7:10 am. I literally love the Oakland Running Festival because it is so well organized. I feel like Oakland gets such a bad rep, but it's honestly a beautiful town, and the running festival is fun and such a family event! I stuck with the 04:30 pace group. I loved our group. There was five of us. I even ran with a retired couple who was visiting from the UK! It was the wife's first marathon and she did awesome. Unfortunately, we did not get a picture together...... But all in all our group had great energy!

The course itself was GREAT. 10 miles of incline through the Oakland Hills. The neighborhoods were beautiful and all the families set up their lawns with water stations and snacks. There was tons of hills, but our pack stuck together tightly. We stopped at most water stations and walked to finish water/electrolytes. The course combined with the half marathon at mile 17, which is where it got more packed, but it didn't take a toll on our group. We finished strong!

I was so exhausted after the race. I took my dad out to a late brunch in Berkeley, Café M, which I totally recommend! And of course, stop by Artis Coffee! They're right next door.

This was my last run in my Nike Lunarglides. I ran so many races and logged so many miles in them, but it's time to retire them! Last night I was sent a generous package from adidas running with two new shoes to train in: Ultraboost and adios! I can't wait to start training in those! I am taking the week easy... Lots of rolling out, stretching, Soulcycle and a little running!


Here are some tips to help all you marathoners!

 Recovering from a marathon (your first, fifth or 20th) everyone needs to recover, reset, regroup, and reflect!

First few days (1-3) .. NO RUNNING, NO CROSS TRAINING.... But lots of foam rolling, stretching and yoga!

  • Soak in an ice bath. If you haven't, it's seriously going to be cold, but is the best feeling on those sore muscles!
  • Eat lots of fruits, carbs, and protein. The carbs and protein will help repair the muscles while the fruits will give you a boost of vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Massage! It'll help loosen your muscles. I went the day after, one whole hour, and of course I fell asleep!
  • Reflect. Take the time to rest and reflect: What you can improve on. Did you overtrain? Undertrain? Overhydrate?

Slowly...Make a comeback on the 4th day, but remember to always listen to your body!

  • Continue eating a healthy diet
  • Light running. 2-4 miles, and light cross training. Your focus should be to get your blood flowing again, not building fitness.

  • Epsom Salt Bath. I mean, it feels GREAT! It'll perk up the legs quite a bit and you’ll also sleep great.

  • Take a yoga class! I recommend Core Power Yoga, They're all over the place, and the c1 class is awesome for those tight groins and hips!

  • Or if you're crazy like me, take a SoulCycle class!


  • RUNNING! Three or four days of 4-6 miles very easy
  • .Begin cross training. Easy to medium effort. Remember, depending on your body, you are still recovering!


  • Begin to slowly build back into full training. My suggestion is four to five runs of 4-8 miles.


You shouldn't worry about losing any running fitness during your recovery period. You always want to ensure proper recovery so you can train even harder for the next one! Remember, it takes about 2-3 weeks to get back into good shape!