You can ask anyone who personally knows me and they might say I'm a bit obsessed with movement! A group of my girlfriends talked me into joining Classpass so I did just that!

I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING BEFORE! I wasn't really into group fitness classes when I first started running. I tried out SoulCycle when they first opened their SOMA studio last year and was hooked ever since! Unfortunately, SoulCycle is not offered through Classpass, but there's tons of other great studios that are! It's around $100ish a month, depending on your location. You can go to ONE studio up to THREE times in one month, but they offer TONS for you to pick! Mind you, these boutique studios and awesome classes are around $30 per class, so I think it's totally worth it. I'll give you a guys a quick review on the studios I have been to through Classpass. You can also click HERE for $20 off your first pass!

FLYWHEEL OK, LET ME TELL YOU. Flywheel is awesome. They do not have a studio in San Francisco, but they do have one in Walnut Creek and Sunnyvale! What I like about Flywheel is that their first class is free (who doesn't like free?!) Also, they provide cycling shoes! I haven't been to the one in Sunnyvale, but go to the one in Walnut Creek. I actually used up all my classes through Classpass so I can already tell you how much I like it! The Walnut Creek studio also has a FLYBARRE, which is a challenging class and tough workout! It's clean, the staff is friendly, and their studios have showers, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, towels and lockers! The class itself is totally different from SoulCycle. SoulCycle is based more on rhythm riding opposed to Flywheel being about resistance and numbers. I like that the instructor gives us a range to stay in. They also have a segment in class where we concentrate on upper body with their 3lb and 5lb weighted bar (all while still pedaling on the bike).

COREPOWER YOGA  I absolutely love Corepower!!!!!!! Not only because I did my yoga sculpt teacher training through them, but because they are an overall great yoga studio. Btw, yoga sculpt is a must go! It focuses on yoga poses with weights and also concentrates on arms, abs, and legs. You even get a cardio session! When I first wanted to start my practice, they were the first studio I found attractive. They are downtown so they are close by my work and they are also in Walnut Creek (right next door to Flywheel!). They offer a variety of classes: beginners, intermediate, sculpt, hot yoga, etc. Their studios are spacious and they also offer mat rentals. They have lockers and showers along with shampoo and body wash. Keep in mind that all their studios are heated to about 70 degrees, so you want to always stay hydrated no matter which class you decide to take!

BURN SF. Wow. I am crazy about this studio. It's in Hayes Valley which is just the perfect location for me since I can go before or after work! Very charming studio, I walked in and fell in love. They offer lockers, however, there are no showers. Just a changing room. My instructor, Titiana was so friendly! I literally just took this class on Tuesday and had no previous experience with pilates. Heck, I never even walked into a pilates studio before. Her class is called Total Body Burn and it's exactly what is sounds like. She merges pilates, weight training and cardio into one body sculpting, heart pumping experience. There's spring boards in the studio and the floor is matted. I never used a spring board before but man, the resistance on those things are incredible! I loved how she gave lots of ques to keep our form and constantly reminded us to breath. Will definitely be back for more!

Wheel House. Talk about perfect location. Wheel is right in The Embarcadero Center! They offer a variety of classes: yoga, sculpt trx and spin. I took their Athletic Yoga flow yesterday morning. The teacher (I forgot her name, my apologies!) asked if anyone had any injuries or wanted to concentrate on anything in particular. No one said anything, so me being the runner that I am, requested groins and hips! She was wonderful with modifications! Then this morning, my friend Jill and I tried out their TRX Sculpt class with Michaela! She had so much energy and met with us prior to class to explain how the TRX straps work. Again, this was completely new. The moves were challenging since it focused a lot of body weight and core. We know exactly where we want to be Thursday mornings!

SO FAR... I love Classpass. I look forward to being with them for a while! If this hasn't sold you on it, they do also offer gym time at local gyms like Crunch Fitness. I recommend it to anyone who loves working out, or just wants to try something new. The different studios and variations of work outs will really work out muscles you never even knew you had! And you'll feel stronger too! Plus, you can always join me for a class as well!