• Morgan Jaldon

ASICS uplifting minds run

I've got some exciting news for Global Running Day with ASICS! ASICS launched a mission to move 1 million minds! They invite all athletes to be a part of the world's first,

live study into the impact of movement on the mind by encouraging athletes

to move their mind through their Mind Uplifter tool by participating in the

Uplifting Minds Run series throughout the month of June.

This is the world's first tool to encourage movement for the

mind by charting the before and after positive impact of sport. Here's how it works:

Before Exercise: Head to on either

desktop or mobile. You can follow the instructions and use the

Mind Uplifter Tool. The Mind Uplifter tool will take in two sets

of data points. Before exercise, athletes will receive one

physiological data point through facial scan technology

and one qualitative through a short questionnaire. These

readings will form a benchmark visual. Athletes will then be

prompted to start their exercise.

Head to the Runkeeper App and participate in the Global

Running Day Virtual Race Challenge.

After Exercise: Open up your app and it will then show the impact of exercise by

dynamically demonstrating the changes that take place in

at the second set of readings after the exercise is complete.

The data will later be added into the World Uplift Map – a

dynamic data source that paints a picture of the collective

global uplift, based on individual mind uplifts from around

the world.

Very cool technology! Please let me know if you are able to try it out!

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