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Getting to know Team #BossWomxn: Cliff

I am the Team Captain of #BossWomxn. This virtual relay hosted by Run 4 All Women will take place September 21st - 27th, 2020, and cover the 680 miles from Atlanta to Washington, DC. This relay benefits Black Voters Matter, which is an organization that is dedicated to increasing power in marginalized, predominantly Black communities. I will be running to remind people they have power!! I want to utilize our amazing running community to educate and raise awareness for voter registration. I will be highlighting some of the people on my team and learning some fun facts on how they recover in between running, walking, hiking, cycling, etc. Recovery is a key ingredient to self care. It's important to me that everyone on my team practices it!

My second feature will be Cliff.

Morgan: What is your current workout routine?

Cliff: For me, working out is a form of dynamic meditation and how I like start my day. About 5-6 days a week, I’m usually weight lifting and running. Adding variety such as swimming, hiking, and dancing, keep things fresh mentally and physically.

M: Must have food post run?

C: Korean Fried Chicken with Kim Chi. Followed by ice cream. Running is like going to a party, if there’s food, I’m coming.

M: Your ideal pizza slice after a long run?

C: Golden Boy Pizza in San Francisco, they are known for their most unique slice, clam and pesto. Try it, you might like it.

M: Your ideal coffee order after a morning run/walk?

C: An oat milk latte from Blue Bottle Coffee. After a run, you just want a hug from someone you love. The oat milk gives you the warm fuzzy feelings. The espresso is the strong embrace and uplifts you from within. You like hugs? Me too.

M: Do you use any tools for recovery? (Foam roll, cbd, etc?)

C: A game changer for me was purchasing a massage gun. It’s great before and after physical activity. There are adjustable settings that massage and get into those hard to reach muscles. Running isn’t the most glamorous, but your recovery can be. Give your body some loving with the Lord Jones, high cbd formula body lotion. It moisturizes the skin and releases hint of calm your body deserves.

M: What does your ideal “lazy Sunday” entail?

C: Having idle time is a luxury. Sleeping in and not having to follow a schedule gives me the weekly vacation vibes. My simple pleasures consist of writing in my journal, reading books, and moisturizing with a sheet mask. 

I love getting to know these awesome folks on my team and I hope this gave you an insight to their amazing personalities as well!


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