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massage guns: therabody vs hyperice

Massage guns, or percussion massagers, are handheld devices that perform what's known as percussive or vibration therapy on your muscles. This type of therapy sends rapid bursts of pressure into muscle tissue, increasing blood flow and relieving tension throughout your body. There are so many percussive massage guns on the market now and I know it can be hard to narrow it down to the one that's right for you. I have tested a Theragun and a Hypervolt and will provide you all my own honest opinion about both.

But first.. How do you use a massage gun?

Massage guns aren't just for athletes. They're great for relieving muscle pain in general. If you've been working from home all day and feel tightness in your upper back and neck, a massage gun can help with that. Now, that's not to say that massage guns replace stretching or other recovery habits. It'll help with your overall recovery and can enhance your performance.

Note: If you are experiencing serious pain, please consult with a provider. I see a chiropractor in Seattle who has been awesome and you can find his information here.

Now, on to the reviews..

Theragun has been around since ~2009 and was actually the first massage gun I learned about. One thing I really like about the Theragun is the triangle-shaped handle. The triangle-shaped handle on this model makes is easy for me to move around and really get into deep muscle relief. It's easy to hold and gives you ideal angles to massage so that's a plus for me. There are two speed options, but I've always stuck with the lightest. Theragun also comes with 6 attachments and a travel bag and charger. I've had it for about two years and had no issues with it, so I'd say it's very durable. Only down side is that I find this really loud.

My favorite thing about The Hypervolt is.. yes, you guessed it.. it's SUPER quiet! It's a sleek and simple design and is easy to use. This also comes with a few attachments and charger, but no travel bag. The Hyperice also has a good price point compared to the Theragun (priced at~$600), the Hypervolt is on sale currently for $299. I do find that I am able to get a really good deep tissue massage out of the Hypervolt. It is still a very good investment and a solid choice.

Whichever direction you go, you can't go wrong!

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