• Morgan Jaldon

N!CK'S Swedish Ice Cream


Living a healthy and active lifestyle with the rich and delicious flavors of N!CK'S Swedish-style Light Ice Cream

Creative Concept/ Video Production


Content Strategy


When —

March 2021

GOAL — The goal for N!CK'S Swedish Style light ice cream was to showcase a healthy and active lifestyle, while enjoying their new flavors.

  • Team of 1 (myself) as the producer, videographer, and editor, I created 1 video asset in 1 day.

  • I created organic content for Instagram stories showcasing myself enjoying N!CK'S after a day of cycling and running.

  • Developed photo assets with a particular focus on N!CK'S colorful branding.

If you're interested, I would recommend trying it for yourself. Click here to see all their flavors!