• Morgan Jaldon

Perform for Life Run Lab

I can’t believe January is half way done guys! Michael and I spent the first two weeks back in the Bay Area with my family. We had so many great runs with friends, raced a 5k where Michael placed 2nd overall and 2nd overall male and I placed 6th with second overall female and did many classes at Flywheel and Barry’s Bootcamp.

We also had the opportunity to check out the Perform for Life Run Lab located in San Francisco. I posted about this on my Instagram and got so many questions about it so here we are! Trevor Short, who runs the lab (no pun intended), was very accommodating and full of knowledge. So here’s the breakdown of how our morning went. 

Location Perform 4 Life is located in Hayes Valley 61 Gough Street, right across the street from that wonderful Brazilian Steakhouse Espetus! I’m familiar with the area since I used to work around there so I knew exactly where to go. It’s walking distance from Civic Center Bart Station and right on the corner of Market Street. Plus, there’s a bunch of great places to eat and grab coffee. If you plan to drive, there’s a few garages in Hayes Valley and street parking isn’t so bad either.

The Breakdown Michael and I arrived and were greeted immediately by their staff. They have lockers to store your things and two bathrooms. The gym itself is clean and spacious. We started off with an InBody Scan. The results from this scan help you understand where your fat, muscle and body levels are at and act as a guide to help achieve your goals. They also provide a Result Sheet. This sheet breaks down your weight, total water weight, muscle weight and total body fat. From there, Trevor and Pita took a look at our feet, hips, knees, back, the whole deal. They are both full of information so they were able to gauge where our weaknesses were and recommend exercises to improve.

The Running Analysis They stuck green dots in certain places of our bodies so they can really see how our mechanics were working. He asked what our goal marathon pace is and put us on a treadmill and we were off. They use their iPad to take slow motion videos from all angles. Using these videos, we were able to see how we were landing on our feet and our form which was fun to watch. Trevor is very passionate about helping athletes understand and wants to help you feel stronger and confident as a runner so it was exciting to see what they recommended for us!

VO2 Max Testing So here was the fun part! Michael and I are always so curious about how we are improving so this was great for us. They strapped on a mask, a heart rate monitor and it was time to work! They put the treadmill on a 15% incline and we walked first then slowly picked up our pace until we couldn’t run any longer. It sounds brutal, but when you have an amazing staff and your boyfriend cheering you on, it’s great! Trevor made sure we were okay and as comfortable as can be. Once the test is over, we reviewed the data. It provided us with information like where our heart rate should be when doing recovery runs, our max heart rate, etc.  

Overall, our experience was wonderful. Trevor and Pita were patient with our questions and very thorough with everything. Hopefully if you are in or visiting the San Francisco area, you stop in and see what it's all about! The staff genuinely cares about their athletes and want to provide purpose and determination to all. They also offer programs such as training and nutrition where they can work with your schedule. 

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