• Morgan Jaldon

Running for a better oakland annual report

Running for a Better Oakland (RBO) is a non-profit organization that encourages Kindergarten-12th grade Oakland students to develop healthy lifestyles through running. By providing training and encouragement, RBO helps students build confidence and set goals, giving them tools for achievement and hard work they can draw on in all areas of their lives.

RBO strives to build a tolerant, healthy, and prosperous community. Through the discipline and rigor of a structured running program, RBO’s goal is to create new relationships, establish trust, build self-esteem, and empower students, parents, and volunteers.

As the copywriter, designer, and creative on RBO's Board, I establish the tone of voice and image to help guide the messaging of our Annual Report, which was first developed in 2020. The Annual Report reflects Oakland students and our community, how RBO pivoted during the pandemic, and how our organization made a stellar return to in-person practices in Fall 2021.

RBO 2020 Annual Report

RBO 2021 Annual Report